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"We Bring You The Best Deals From The UK's Top PayPal Slots Sites of 2018"
Welcome to Top UK, In order to bring you a list of the best online casino’s, our team has previewed and analysed a large number of the leading online casino sites and ranked them for your convenience. Their rankings are according to several features that we have paid careful attention to.
The list that we have concluded includes the top casino sites in the UK, that are of course also fully licensed to operate in the UK for residents 18+
Best PayPal Slots -
  • All Casinos are:
  • UK Licensed
  • Skillfully Reviewed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • £ Fast Cashouts


Our team have reviewed the best PayPal slots for you, but before you choose in which slots you should play, here's some explanation about PayPal- PayPal is a paymentservice for safe and secure money transfers, all entirely online.   PayPal is probably the fastest, easiest and safest way to use payment service over the internet, and it provides you with the option of making online transfers with no need to provide the merchant with your personal information, like your credit card number or bank account details.   PayPal is considered to be the leading online payment transfer service, and a must for your security while purchasing online.  

About PayPal

Here’s a little bit about PayPal – the company was actually established in 1998, and after 15 years it had already based its operation in 190 markets and in twenty three different countries around the world.   This is why PayPal provide global payment services, in and outside of the USA, with different currencies (along with automatic conversion), and in multiple languages for worldwide users.   So how is it that PayPal is so safe and secure? Well, PayPal uses the most advanced and updated security measures, such as high quality data encryption using sophisticated algorithms to ensure that your personal information is absolutely out of reach from any malicious factor.   Online transactions are a delicate matter, and PayPal ensures its customers with both safety and security, but that’s not all – the  both the registration to the service and the transactions are free of charge.   You’re probably wondering where the catch is’ – but there’s no catch, the fee is charged when one withdraws a fund (but only below a certain amount), receives a fund and when multiple currencies are involved.   That’s not all, for as we have already mentioned PayPal is probably the easiest to use payment and transaction service online.  

So How To Start?

To start using PayPal’s service simply create an account. During the initial sign-up you will be asked to link a credit card to the new account, just fill in the necessary information, and that’s it.   When paying with PayPal the merchant, will never see your information, nor will it be used anywhere else online, it is always secured and hidden by PayPal.   It is no wonder that PayPal is the most popular payment service online. Most online (and even offline!) retailers use PayPal as a primary payment option their customers, even when they do accept other payment options such as direct credit card payment – the most customers prefer to use PayPal.   It’s as easy as a simple click of the mouse on the PayPal icon, signing in with your user and password, entering necessary information such as amount, and that’s it – all done. Secured, fast, easy and reliable, PayPal places your needs at the center of its focus, for a better and smoother worldwide shopping experience.   Enjoy the best PayPal Slots Sites!