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“We Bring You The Best Deals From The UK's Top Online Slots Sites of 2019”
Welcome to Top UK, In order to bring you a list of the best online casino’s, our team has previewed and analysed a large number of the leading online casino sites and ranked them for your convenience. Their rankings are according to several features that we have paid careful attention to.
The list that we have concluded includes the top casino sites in the UK, that are of course also fully licensed to operate in the UK for residents 18+
Best UK Casino Sites -
  • All Casinos are:
  • UK Licensed
  • Skillfully Reviewed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • £ Fast Cashouts

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Heads up, your luck just got even better! As we all know, the big win is out there and just waiting for the right player at the right time, no matter what your favourit game is. Whereas before we would have to wander smoke-filled casinos looking for that magic, it can now be found in the comfort of your own home, on your laptop or in the palm of your very hand. Online casino games are exciting and fun - you just might want a little help finding the right sites.

That’s where we come in! Our reviews can be trusted because our reviewers have taken the necessary time to sort through the myriad of sites out there, and are happy to reveal to you which sites feature the best options in terms of all kinds of things, like security, graphics, game selection, deposit (and especially withdraw) options, and customer service. What’s best, we’ve already selected the best of the best, so you’re already saving time by reading our reviews and can get playing that much faster!

Game selection – How many games are available on a given site? What kind and of what quality? Some of your favourites like blackjack and roulette will have multiple formats and types, not to mention the infinite number and variety of online slots. The most important aspects of any online casino site that you’ll want to consider involve: Bonuses – Pretty much every site will offer a welcome bonus, which may offer free spins or deals, or extra money added to your deposit. Promotions – You’ll find that promotions may be ongoing or one-time only. Here again we’ll save you time (and money!) by helping you navigate the choices that are out there, not to mention offering our own exciting promo codes. Our list of the 10 best places to play is always being updated, so check back often for real deals for real players, compiled by real reviewers. Deposit/withdrawal options – Different sites offer different methods of depositing and withdrawing money. Check out the different sites to figure out the best combinations of options for deposit and withdrawal, including what are called ‘online wallets’ and credit card options. You’ll want to evaluate how quickly payments are made, which will play into financial returns if you go on a winning streak. Customer service – Like any type of website, customer service comes in all shapes and sizes. Frequently asked questions and answers can be helpful, but so can free tutorials and 24-hour live customer support. Take time to find a site that respects, informs and relates to you, and especially one that is willing and able to respond to all of your questions or concerns. With these aspects in mind, you’re (almost) ready to step right up and place your bets!


Again, as with any website or physical casino, not every experience is the same! Most online casinos will of course have some general features in common, and you’ll notice some of the same themes on different sites: ranges of games, payment methods, and of course promotional ‘bonuses’. However, after some time spent researching, you’ll begin to see some subtle differences among various sites. Some will have a larger range of games, a sleeker, more enticing display or aesthetic, and different sites allow for different payment methods. You’ll want to pay special attention to the promotional, sign-on bonuses. A particular site may boast about an impressive ‘welcome bonus’, however that bonus may be held from withdraw until you choose to bet a certain amount, known as a ‘wagering requirement’. This is an excellent example of why it is important to compare several casino sites before selecting your favourite(s). Thanks to our careful reviews, you’ll be able to discern which sites offer the best features per your specific needs. For example, a larger, more detailed range of roulette, or perhaps you have different methods of payment that you prefer to use (PayPal, eg). Thankfully, we have already performed rigorous research and offer detailed reviews which will help you navigate towards preferred features or away from pitfalls to be avoided on otherwise appealing sites. Save money and time and find the right fit first.


Before November 2014, remote operators that provided gambling services to UK players tended to be licensed and regulated in the European Union, with Gibraltar and Malta particularly popular bases. Less than 15% of these were licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. However, when the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act 2014 entered force, it required all offshore operators to each hold a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. This change was aimed at further protecting UK players by standardising the regulations of these companies. Each of these gambling brands must adhere to particular, strict standards in order to both obtain and keep its UKGC license. These technical standards include testing its Random Number Generator software to verify that its games and payouts are fair. Operators also need to clearly inform customers about how their funds are being protected and comply with policies and practices aimed at tackling money laundering. They must also exercise the social responsibility of preventing minors from gambling and act to prevent compulsive gambling. Each site that we work with has a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring that the provider is regulated and meets specific safety and security standards.


You’ve probably already checked out a few online casino sites and perhaps don’t have exactly the clearest picture of how they’re so different. Indeed, many of the same software providers power the majority of games for multiple sites. While it is possible for a site to design its own gaming software, this is rare and, incidentally, a good thing; third-party firms have refined their software over many years and some are well-known and respected, like Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt. As a result, you’ll certainly note some similarities among sites, but look even more carefully at the exact range of game selections and formats. There’s a lot to play out there. Still, you can rest assured that a provider’s software that is reputable is also stable and reliable. Certain operators use fewer softer providers, but this does not necessarily mean that the selection of games is lower, or inferior. Indeed, some operators use fewer providers but still offer a wider range of games. Trust the reputation of the providers rather than the amount thereof. As usual, quality over quantity! You’ll also note, if you have not already, that there are differences in terms of graphics and interfaces. We prefer sites with a smooth, contemporary feel which also makes important information easy to find, like terms and conditions for those promotional bonuses, or deposit fees and payout rates.


As in real life, different casino sites offer wide varieties of games. Turn left and you’ll find slots, to the right are blackjack and roulette, baccarat behind you, and even poker tournaments straight ahead! Each casino offers unique variations as well as your tried and tested favourites. Don’t settle on a site that doesn’t offer your favourite game, after all, you’re the one playing. And as you are here to take a break from the mundane and have a little fun, choose the right one. Roulette - Roulette, one of our favourites, allows players to bet on a game in which a ball falls on a particular number and colour of a revolving wheel. The odds and excitement can vary across multiple variations of roulette, which include European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. Blackjack - In blackjack, players aim to obtain cards, the total face value of which is exactly 21. Online blackjack increases the excitement by offering bonuses on deposits, unlike the blackjack you know and love at standard land-based casinos. Slots - These are the most frequently played games at both online casinos and their brick-and-mortar equivalents. But online, you can play limitless types of slots in a more streamlined way, enjoying a near-limitless number of bonuses. Live casino – Live casinos bridge real and virtual, recreating the magic of a ‘real’ casino by providing a live video feed of a human, rather than computerised, dealer. You can interact with this dealer and watch them as they arrange components on the table. Here are our favourite live casinos online. There are so many other games to discover…craps, keno, and bingo, too! What sort of player are you?


Different operators offer noticeable, sometimes significant differences that can in turn make for different experiences. That’s where we come in and can help you navigate the different features that matter most to you, so as to eventually find your best bet, so to speak! Don’t just take the site’s word for what they offer – every site will obviously have the highest opinion of its own features, but this won’t give you an entirely objective viewpoint, nor would it help you learn about features on other sites. Our reviewer base includes people who are thoroughly experienced with the industry and highly enthusiastic about online gaming. For each site that we review, we provide a score out of 10 and at the same time invite our visitors to provide their own ratings out of 5. Read each review, and you will see balanced comparisons of key points that different sites have in common, besides which features stand out from other sites, as in those regarding the range of games available, customer support, payment options and payout policy. But don’t just take our word for it. When visiting a casino site, you should also look out for these: Promotions – Sites often will offer both permanent promotions and one-off promotions. Both may involve exciting cash prizes, additional bonuses to win and loyalty rewards as well. Software – Most operators source their games from third-party software providers, including NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. Security – Sites typically feature an FAQ section that includes details of procedures and policies, as well as terms and conditions, for keeping customers’ money safe.


Some of you may recall the early days of online casinos, in which players would download software directly to their computers. One could then sample different games without needing to load and play them within a web browser, though this would at times reduce functionality. Today, HTML5 has enabled casinos to make the quality of both their desktop and mobile offerings largely equal, and, let’s be honest, everything is more mobile now. If we’re being really honest, it’s now ironically possible to find the big win outside of the casino by going online, going mobile, and finding that excitement anywhere, at any time. Of course, mobile apps can and will (and should!) differ greatly as well. The apps of some gambling brands will focus on certain games but perhaps reduce the number of features or variations within that game. This is a blessing in disguise, of course, as mobile apps do take up space on your device. But imagine the space ahead of you that they open up! The possibilities are endless. Should you stick to the traditional website or go mobile - that choice is up to you. Let our reviews give you the information that you need and help guide your decision. Use the ratings and reviews at Top UK Online Casino Sites to discover and compare the leading sites operating today!